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Installing carpet on the stairs

Thursday, January 5th, 2012
It is important to have good quality carpet installed on your stairs because your stairs are often one of the most walked upon areas of your entire house. Installing carpet on your stairs could seem like a tedious and somewhat challenging task. However, this seemingly tedious task of installing carpet on your stairs can be completed quite easily with a little modern ingenuity, common sense and dedication.
Choosing the best carpet to install on your stairs can sometimes seem like just as tough of a task as installing the carpet itself! You may know that there are literally hundreds if not thousands of different types of carpets to choose from. Consider the layout and the color scheme of the adjacent furniture and existing carpet when deciding on which carpet to purchase to install on your stairs. 
If you have a hardwood floor near the stairs, you might want to install an attractive stair runner style of carpeting. A stair runner only covers a portion of the stair-step. Choosing durable carpet for your stair runner is essential. Your stair runner will take noticeable abuse as it will be primarily used more so than the outside portion of the steps. Since the carpet will rise above the exposed portion of the step, wear seemingly is much more apparent on stair runner because of the raised profile of the stair runner’s carpet. If your stairway will be walked upon quite regularly, perhaps you should consider replacing your stair runner more often than other types of carpets within your home. 
Many homeowners will install new carpet on your stairs as a weekend project. Some homeowners also prefer to work on their home the old fashioned way and equip themselves with a tool belt, a hammer, nails, a cutting device, and a tape measure. Other home owners prefer more modern means such as using a nail gun and specialized carpet cutting utensils. When operating such devices, please remember to use extreme caution. Safety should be your number one concern while installing carpet on their stairs. Working on stairs presents more dangers as opposed to working on a flat surface. Always inspect the integrity of your stairs before installing new carpet. A simple 10 minute visual inspection of your stairs can save you money and improve the overall integrity of your home.